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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Everyday Sloths?

Everyday Sloths is a collection of 7,777 unique sloths made in Australia and hanging on the Polygon blockchain. But this isn’t just another random traits PFP project.

Everyday Sloths are interactive and customisable, right on OpenSea. View an example

Put together from a base set of sloth characters, a range of eyes, mouths, clothing, backgrounds and hair – as well as few extremely rare and special traits – every minted sloth will be unique, but minting is only the beginning. You’ll be able to continually customise and add to your sloth’s wardrobe with monthly limited item drops in our exclusive store.

Who is the team behind Everyday Sloths?

We are a design and development duo from Melbourne, Australia. We’ve worked together building websites and web apps for Australian brands for many years, and have found the project we believe we were made for in Everyday Sloths. It combines our love of design, development, UX/UI and interactivity, with this amazing new world of NFTs. We’re not in this for a quick buck, or some kind of rug pull. That’s an ugly side of this space we’ve experienced first hand. Join us on this journey and let’s make something special together!

Read more about us in our Discord

How much do Everyday Sloths cost?

Each Everyday Sloths NFT costs 80 MATIC

When does Everyday Sloths launch?

Minting is now open

Why are you launching on the Polygon network?

We gave extensive consideration to our pivot from the Ethereum network over to Polygon. and there were a few key reasons for the decision. All of which we believe strongly benefit both this project and our community.

The first was gas. We all hate gas, and in our pre-launch / development phase it’s been especially bad. High gas is always a turn off and when it gets up to half, equal to, or in some cases higher than the mint price it’s a hard to pill to swallow. For the Everyday Sloths project since we will also be doing monthly item drops in our store – an on-chain transaction updating your metadata – with the small flat rate checkout fee, there was more to consider than just the minting. This checkout fee really is a nominal amount on its own, but with gas on the Ethereum network added to that it could quickly become a turn off, and that’s the last thing we want.

On the Polygon network, gas is pretty much a non factor. While it’s not technically free, we’re talking just a fraction of a cent. This is a massive plus, for mint and for ongoing store checkouts and other airdrops we have planned. More coin in your own wallet is better for everyone involved. And transactions are much faster too.

The other major factor for us is eco-friendliness. As we all know, the Ethereum network among others uses an insane amount of power which has a real environmental impact. We’d love to just ignore this but in reality we can’t. And given we’ve partnered with The Sloth Conservation Foundation, on one hand we’d be donating to help save sloths through the work they do, while at the same time contributing to the harm of their environment in a real way. It kinda felt dirty and hypocritical.

The Polygon network, which is a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism as opposed to Proof of Work (PoW), is much more eco-friendly with a significantly lower carbon footprint. This is another huge plus. For more info here.

Now Ethereum 2.0 will address both these issues, and while moves and updates are slowly being made towards its release there’s still no timeline. It could hopefully arrive next year sometime, but at this stage we don’t know.

Finally while there are a number of other Layer 2 or sidechain solutions available, the other big benefit of Polygon is that it’s fully integrated and supported on OpenSea. This is a prerequisite for us because it supports our dynamic and interactive NFTs. So your Everyday Sloths show up in your same OpenSea account alongside all your other NFTs.

Are you giving to a charity?

We have officially partnered with The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo). When you buy an Everyday Sloth you also become a real sloth sponsor. Read all about the partnership

What are the perks and benefits of owning Everyday Sloths?

We’re not going anywhere, and hope our owners want to stay too. Our goal is to continually bring value both to your Everyday Sloths and to you as a community. This includes:

🦥 Sloth Adoption

🛍️ Monthly Collection drops in the items store

🖼️ Avatar generator

🎁 Regular giveaways (including exclusive rare items for your sloth, NFTs and physical products)

👕 Merch shop

💸 Community wallet

👶 Kid sloths (Everyday Sloth holders will be able to mint 1 kid total for free. Date TBC)

🚀 More! We also want you, the community of Everyday Sloth owners, to take part in some of the decisions. More on that to come after launch!

How many traits do Everyday Sloths have?

Because of the dynamic nature of Everyday Sloths, this is not exactly a set number. While you may not mint a Sloth with items across all traits, you will be able to add more as time goes on. However there are 12 categories in total:

  • Sloth
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Clothing
  • Eyewear
  • Headwear
  • Facial Hair
  • Back
  • Background
  • Extras

How are Everyday Sloths customisable?

With Everyday Sloths it doesn’t stop with the random combo you get at mint. Once minted, your base sloth can continually be customised to make it your very own with items from our exclusive collectibles store, only open to Everyday Sloths owners. And you’ll be able to change the look of your Sloth using the items in its wardrobe as often as you like, for free!

Have a play with the demo

Since they are permanently attached to your Sloth on-chain through the token metadata, when it comes time to depart with your beloved Sloth on the secondary market – if you can bring yourself to do it! – all items are transferred together with the Sloth to the new owner.

How are Everyday Sloths interactive?

Your Everyday Sloth on OpenSea is not a static image. It’s an interactive collectible. While the default view will be whatever you as the owner have saved, anybody can interact with it and try on all the items in your Sloth’s locker – right within OpenSea!

Check out the demo

How does the store work?

The Everyday Sloths store is an exclusive area of our site only open to owners, where you can get exclusive items for your Sloth. Item categories include Hair, Clothing, Eyewear, Headwear, Bling, Backgrounds and more.

The store will feature just one set of items at a time – called a Collection, with a new Collection of items dropping every month. We have so much in store for this (pun intended). Think seasonal drops (Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc) as well as other themed drops (sports, heroes and villains, and more). The possibilities are endless!

Collections will only be available for a limited time every month (e.g. 72 hours) unless sold out earlier. The first collection will be Everyday Essentials and set to drop in January 2022.

There will be different limited quantities of every item to try to help maintain some variety and rarity across Everyday Sloths set, while also allowing for continual customisation by owners.

Check out a walkthrough of the store design posted on our Discord

How much do store items cost?

All items are free, but with a limit on the total number of items you can get per sloth from each Collection, so you’ll need to be selective. This is another step in trying to keep variety across the Everyday Sloths set.

There will just be a small flat checkout fee in MATIC when checking out regardless of the number of items or sloths you own.

Can I refund or exchange store items?

No, there will not be any refund or exchange mechanisms for store items. The store is designed to make browsing and previewing the items easy. Once purchased, the items are permanently added to that sloth’s locker.

How will I know the rarity of my Everyday Sloths?

Everyday Sloths is a completely new kind of NFT so they need to be looked at a little differently to most other collections such as your common PFP projects. There are essentially two levels of rarity with Everyday Sloths.

The traits that your Sloth is minted with will not change and they will never be available in the store. If you mint a rare item of clothing, the rarity % for that item will not change. Same goes for any rare or 1:1 Sloth you might mint (there will be some special ones of these).

The other level of rarity is your Sloth’s locker – the items collected from the store over time. There will be rarity within each Collection of items dropped every month, which would also contribute to the overall rarity of your Sloth.

We’re working with the available metadata types for how this is translated on OpenSea and hopefully other third-party tools like Rarity.tools and Rarity Sniper etc.

There will be a viewing area on the Everyday Sloths site with true rarity breakdowns presented better for anybody to be able to do their research.


Join Everyday Sloths growing community

We’re a big family of sloths so get in the cuddle, help us continue to grow and reap the benefits.