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Everyday Sloths customisable NFT collection

This isn’t just another PFP project. Everyday Sloths is a groundbreaking collection of 7,777 randomly generated tokens that are continually customisable and interactive on OpenSea. Minting is just the beginning…

Interactive and customisable

Interact, change and explore your Everyday Sloths

Due to the dynamic nature of our NFTs, you’ll be able to change the look of your sloth using the items in its wardrobe as often as you like, for free! There’s no burning of sloths, no breeding, no mating. Just an ever-evolving, customisable and dynamic NFT. While the default view will be whatever you as the owner have selected and saved, anybody can see and play with all items in your sloth’s wardrobe directly within the preview on OpenSea.


We believe in underpromising and overdelivering. So don’t mistake this simple roadmap for a simple project. We want to provide as much value and utility as we can for Everyday Sloths owners. This is a unique project and community that we are eager to build and see flourish. There is so much more than meets the eye. We’re in this for the long game and hope you will be too.

Website and community development

Develop the full Everyday Sloths website and organically grow our community. Sneak peaks, behind the scenes, feedback, comps, Twitter spaces and good old banter in the Discord. Together we all win!

Public mint & items shop opening

Make Everyday Sloths available to as many people as possible, with a multi chain/currency mint. Develop and launch the Jungle website and items shop, with an Essentials items collection as the first of our regular drops.

New items drops and rewards to owners

Seasonal themed and limited edition items will be gifted to minted sloths, giving you more and more opportunities to increase your sloth’s uniqueness, rarity and wardrobe size. Jersey collections, Easter, Halloween, it’s all in the works.

The sky is most definitely not the limit!

Sloth adoption through SloCo, a community wallet from secondary sales, ongoing giveaways, special collabs with other projects and artists, plus physical prizes for owners, tokenomics, items excghange and a hell of a lot more. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll be exploring them all to bring you and your sloth the best.

This is bigger than us

Working together for good

The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the protection of sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiatives. We are donating a portion of every token sold to SloCo to help them in their work. In addition, every token owner will receive a sloth sponsor pack!

Read about our partnership


Download watch & phone wallpapers

We’ve prepared some sweet looking wallpapers for your watch and phone. Make sure you take post a pic of your device and tag us on socials

Check them out

Everyday Sloths Creators

Everyday Sloths is created by two guys in Melbourne, Australia. We love what we do, and have found the project we were made for.

Find out more about us on our Discord



Unplugged from The Matrix after 18 years of web development, he now knows Solidity. And Kung Fu. @BKanizay



You know the names Picasso, Rembrandt and Da Vinci but you probably don’t know his. You should. @BlazRobar

Join Everyday Sloths growing community

We’re a big family of sloths so get in the cuddle, help us continue to grow and reap the benefits.